5 Ideas On HairStyles To Get Quick Ready

5 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I first applied Bumble and bumble prep to dampen the hair. From there I applied Bumble and bumble thickening sprays from roots to ends. I then did a volume round brush blow dry to achieve max volume which also increased the density to the hair. From there I added in a clip in extensions for added length and thickness. I curled each section away from the face creating a soft curl with volume. Once complete I added in the hairpiece securing it underneath the majority of her hair.

2. I’ve been dyeing my hair for almost 10 years. I had many colors on my head: very light blond, brown, very dark brown and various shades of red, pink and violet. I feel best in red and pink hair. I usually use Loreal FERIA PREFERENCE paint Pure Spice. For this stylization, I used additionally Schwarzkopf, LIVE Ultra Brights, cream coloring, 0-93 Shocking Pink. The effect of reddish pink hair lasted about 2 weeks 🙂 My hair is naturally wavy and well arranged. For this reason, I do not have to stylize my hair. To increase the volume, he used a dry Batiste shampoo. And that’s all 🙂

3. I use Schwarzkopf volume powder to give my hair some bounce and moisturize the tips of my hair with leave in argan oil. Also, my hair color is from Loreal and its the shade chestnut brown – original hair color is black.

4. Since I have super straight hair, Ive always tried to add more volume to my hairstyles in order to obtain a more dynamic look. I always start by applying after shower some argan oil in my ends for the brush to come out easier. Then, I proceed to brush my hair until its knot free. And finally, I use my hairdryer for about a minute or so, while I keep on brushing my hair with the other hand (this way, I can prevent it from the frizz or even worse, burning my hair). The products I strongly recommend to obtain this hairstyle are… Tangle Teezer; it is a must if you want to achieve this look.

5. The hairstyle is called “DONUT” Product is DONUT BUN and probably EDGE CONTROL Hair type: all hair type works with the style, a long hair will definitely work best for the style. And also natural or processed hair.

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