5+ Incredible Hairstyles for Thin And Thick Hair

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1. The hair was shampooed; conditioned the day before and left in plats. Slept with the plats on and took them out the following day. The next after taking the plats out is to detangle it and comb the ruts carefully in order to give the hair a bit of volume. Consequently, to that, I used an elastic band (or if you dont have any cut medium length of stockings) and lay on the edge line between your head n forehead. Tighten the elastic band or string until when the hair would reduce in a puffy ponytail. Comb the ends a little bit to have a bit of volume, and use edge control for the edges of our hair (baby hair)

2. To achieve this hairstyle, the following steps should be followed * the hair should be very clean and dried. *Part the hair into two unequal diagonal sections put them in ponytails and braid the ends. If the hair long then wraps the ends together. * Apply hair gel around the pony to make it slick, allow to dry! *Attach a full-length braiding hair to each of the ponies, securing them with an elastic band. * With the hair extension at the back section makes a loose twist, attach a round hair padding, and wrap the twisted extension to the hair padding until completely out of hair, secure with Bobby pins. * Divide the front section hair extension into two or three part, twist them and wrap them in a circular pattern one after the other, secure with Bobby pins. * Add hair accessories and spray oil sheen on the hair extensions.

3. I achieved this hairstyle with a great amount of time and patience. I divided my hair into small sections followed by using a pencil to wrap each section tightly around and heating up the pencil with a flat iron. I used a regular #2 pencil and flat iron lol, along with @bouncecurl to hold the curl, and gave some extra volume with a hairdryer.

4. It’s my natural hair, I only need a few products to make it even better. I use Shea Moisture shampoo and leave-in detangler for my hair, very good products for people who have curly hair – makes it easier to comb through.

5. I wash my hair using Dr. Organic Moroccan Oil Shampoo. I then condition with Dr. Organic Moroccan Oil conditioner. I then put in one drop of pure Moroccan Oil through my hair. I dry my hair by flipping it over with the blow dryer and dry it up. I am fortunate that my hair dries straight and the Moroccan Oil keeps the Fizz tame!

6. My hair is soft and gets very curly when wet, so it is a fairly quick and easy hairstyle. I always start with a clarifying shampoo to prevent product buildup and following up with a deep treatment after each wash is a must for me. After the deep treatment, I add a small amount of Almond Oil before working in sections to apply my favorite product for this look. The product immediately locks in my curls but I loosely twist the hair as I complete each section. My final step is to unravel the twists, finger comb, and I’m ready to start my day working in finance or to work on my Microblading business.

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