6 Easy Hairstyles for Spring Break You must try

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. Actually, my sister is a hair stylist, she helped to achieve this hairstyle at home. I requested that I would like to have a hairstyle with a shiny and personality. We used the Goldwell Professional Hair Color for this hairstyle. I think all face shapes can be suitable for this hairstyle and of course long hair is better.

2. For this hairstyle, I first of shampooed and conditioned it with OGX RENEWING MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL. The hair doesnt need to be showered beforehand, but it needs to be free from other products. When the hair is still wet, I apply some argan oil in the ends to nourish and repair the tips. I then blow dry it. For the waves/ lose curls, I use the GHD IV Styler, which is a great tool since you can use it to curl your hair as well as straightening it! I also use the LEE STAFFORD COCO LOCO COCONUT HEAT PROTECTION MIST. This to protect the hair from the heat. Its a must if youre using straighteners and such often. After the curls are done, I lightly comb through it to make them more relaxed”, giving it a bit of laid-back style but still romantic and a bit glamorous.

3. If the hair is a bit damaged it will make it a little bit easier to get the texture and the curls to stay longer. And about the face shape, I think it could work for most people, its all about how and where you place the curls. Shoulder length is more ideal for this look.

4. By using my GHD straightening iron, I make tight curls, using a scrunching method I apply a little serum and hairspray afterward then making it wild using my hands. Any products which best suit your hair type. I prefer curling my hair after two days of washing it, curls last longer then as I have rather straight and dry hair.I’d say heart and round face shape (I’m no expert).

5. I did this hairstyle with fork comb, spent enough to keep the appearance of frizzy and volume. Round faces, curly to frizzy hair to achieve sustain the black power up, because this hairstyle is for types of hair that grow up, wavy hair and smooth not achieve this result.

6. A good hairstyle is all in the cut! This cut was done at Vidal Sassoon in Chicago, where they specialize in creative, yet precision haircuts. The important part about achieving this style is blow drying with a diffuser instead of letting my hair dry naturally. This gives my curly hair more volume, and it gives me the opportunity to shape the curls as they are drying, giving me more consistency.

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