6 Hairstyles For Women To Get Ready ASAP

6 Instagrammers Thoughts and Ideas on Hairstyles


1. I am an Indian model. This hair color and hairstyle was the creation of the Marigold collection by stream professionals team (hairstyle – Joakim roos and color – Kamlesh).

2. Split your hair into a section, leave especially one on the top of your head so you can cover the hair you´ll tease. Grab some hair next to the one you have put aside and tease it as much as you can then add some hairspray to it. Gather all your hair in a ponytail and fix it with a hairband, and some bobby pins if needed. We´ll recommend you to use hairspray of your preference so the tiny hairs won’t be everywhere. If you’ve got an oval face, count yourself lucky. This hairstyle is one of the best for you: just avoid tying it too high up so your face doesn’t look too stretched.

3. I achieved this hairstyle with the help of my hairstylist, Melody Mitrione(@gypzygurl). I went into the salon one day and told her I was feeling bored with my hairstyle but was also really scared to try something drastic. She suggested I try a Balayage. She is the only hairstylist I trust with my hair so naturally, I said go for it!

4. This hairstyle is called “Upside down red” and I achieve this with hair dye at home, (permanent hair color Sanotint Classic 21 Mirtillo) only on the tips of my hair. For this reason, I call him “upside down”.

5. Start with parting you your hair from the middle. Tie a low ponytail. Let some hair be over the ears on both sides to give a royal Indian look. Grab some hair from below the pony and start braiding and cover up the rubber band with the braid and secure it with Bobby pins. Spray some hairspray to finish off the look. Washed hair and a Schwarzkopf hairspray are enough to achieve the look. Washed hair and a Schwarzkopf hairspray are enough to achieve the look.

6. I decided to take care of my own hair at home. I cut it myself, straighten it out, turn it into a blond, and hydrate it. It’s not easy or cheap my I have a soft, healthy hair now. I use Igora OX, Forever Liss, Haskell and Amend products. I have an oval face and I had different hairstyles during my life. Long hair fits better long faces and tall women I think.

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