8 Smart Hairstyles For Men

4 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. My hair is not the best, but I always try to keep it tidy, anyway … I myself made this cut at home, a social style that looks good on me, on the side I leave low and above I give a slight trim. What I use in it, is a hair ointment to model and leave the way I like it, sometimes I use a bit messy, rotten, sometimes I spray hair to fix.

2. every time before I style my hair, I wash it, blow dry it with cold air and then using only a hairspray and my fingers to put the hairs in the right positions. Everything else, about the color, is two times bleached until my hair was completely ice blond because my natural hair is dark and then putting a silver dye on top of it until the whole length.

3. The hairstyle is really simple. You will need just a stronghold hairspray or even a wax. I am sure the look can be achieved with just a wax as well.

4. The client was after an easy to style haircut, having the parting put in and a casual pomp leaves it easy to style. I always wash the hair, then section, I’ll cut the top and transition with scissors, then blow-dry into the style. Then I will use clippers on the back and sides, taking the clippers straight into to transition to craft a clean graduation. Then refine and personalize.I use Uppercut Deluxe products, for a more casual finish the matte pomade, or matte clay if needing a stronger hold.

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