Cute And Easy Hairstyles For Women

8 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I didn’t do anything super special for this hair look, so basically anyone can do it and one doesn’t need any professional skills. I just washed my hair, applied products, and air dry. One can also do a blow dry, just make sure you use a nice flat brush. I would recommend any anti-frizz products for shiny silky looking hair. I used “Sleek and Shine” by Garnier on the roots and middle part of my hair and “Ego Boost” by Bed Head ( leave-in conditioner) on my ends.

2. I’ve been wanting to do a change of hairstyle for quite some time already, most especially now that I’m a mom! Looking at Pinterest to have some ideas, Went to my favorite salon @benchfix at Robinsons Magnolia here in Manila to get it. I actually just showed the stylist the kind of look I’m going to and here it is! They did an amazing job!

3. Hair was curled with a 1 1/4in hot tools curling iron leaving announce at the tips to be pulled straight. Hair was prepped with r+ co-high dive moisture and shine. After blow-drying, hair was sprayed with a strong

4. I’ve got scanty wavy hair which is cut in layers. The post I got my hair colored,I told my hair stylist to straighten the top part of my hair and curl the lower part. I love the middle partition. This hairstyle can be done at home as well, it gives volume to your hair.

5. This is known as a protective style and there are a number of ways to achieve it. It is a highly skilled set and can cause damage if installed incorrectly so please encourage your readers to get it done by a professional! This was achieved in stages; 1. Plait or twist the client’s hair using additional hair for length and size. 2nd stage involved wrapping additional hair around the initial braid or twist. Then finally curling the ends using a technique named ‘Senegalese Twist’ and flex rods (it is a long process please get in touch as we plan on doing a demo for this style).

6. Well, first, I sectioned off the crown area because I wanted a retro influence with a slight bouffant. I teased that section and simply pinned it in place and did a topknot technique for the back piece. And used a big barrel curling wand for the parts of the hair left out. I swear by Kevin Murphy! I used the “Powder Puff” to add texture to the crown area as well “Bedroom Hair” which is not a hairspray but a spray wax, so it holds fly-aways in place and makes the hair movable.

7. The picture was taken at one of the beautiful beaches in Ystad, Sweden, and I managed to get that nice hair look by shooting at the exact moment when my daughter, Victoria, raised her head from the water and splashed the water in a nice circle behind her.

8. My mother and I sat down after buying about 5 packets of Marley’s hair and she parted my hair into the section and put all sections in single plaits. We then together used a crochet needle to put the Marley hair through the bottom of a single plait and wrapped the hair around the plait and burned the ends to keep it secure. For this hairstyle, the products I recommend is an expression for you’re single plaits which are optional and Marley hair which is used to wrap around your hair.

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