Easy Summer Hairstyles To Do Yourself

6 Instagrammers And Their Views About Hairstyle


1. I have very straight hair which makes it sometimes a challenge to do something fun and more breezy with my hair. For this hairstyle, I asked my hair stylist if she could work with my hair to make it more playful. My haircut is straight on the back and cuts in layers in the front. For this look, I had balayage set in my hair to change the hardness of my brown hair color. In the front layers, I curled the points with a larger curling iron.

2. I have the hairstyle conjured up with a curling iron and with hairspray and a comb. I recommend the products of Babyliss and the hairspray from Schwarzkopf (German company).

3. So, Ive never actually spilled this secret but I use water and conditioner in a spray bottle to achieve the wet curl look. Then I use Vo5 beach waves to hold the curls all day.

4. I very glad you found my photo interesting. Although I’m not a hairstylist my job is photography. About this photo – this is one of the images of a big project we made in February this year. The project idea was to create two styles of brides. one of them was typical classical and another one hellish stylish.

5. I never Apply to many products, But any heat-protection is good for the hair. Otherwise its just curls and deeper.

6. I achieved this hairstyle by aligning the pony with her cheekbones and pulling it back. Smoothing out all of the kinks with some hairspray and a boar bristle brush, and then securing it with an elastic. Once it is smooth and in a place where you want it, take some hair from the under the section of the pony, wrap around the elastic (covering it) and tuck it back under with a bobby pin. This is a very simple hairstyle, so you wont need much! For products, I would recommend using just some hairspray. I like R+Cos Vicious and Outer Space!

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